Western Show Events Explained: WESTERN PLEASURE

The Western Pleasure class, is a class designed to show that our western horses are a pleasure to ride. The horse should be fit and balanced. The winner of the class will have a flowing ground covering stride, be on a loose rein but not excessive. The horse will have his poll slightly above his withers and be smooth and effortless through transitions.


AQHA Overall Performance horse of Australia J Bar C Awesome Pawesome and Blayze Williams Photo credit Mel Gauld

CLASS PROCEDURE: The class is judged on the rail. Competitors will be asked to show their horses at a walk jog and lope, in both directions. You may also be asked to halt and back up. Once the class has been judged you will be asked to line up and the judge may once again inspect your horse. Then the placings will be called.


Some faults that will impede on how well you place in the class include, travelling too fast, being on the wrong lead, breaking gait, travelling excessively slow, head carried to high , head carried to low, being overly canted at the lope, too much drape in reins.

Some faults which cause disqualification include, head carried consistently too low. Use of spurs in front of the cinch, over flexing of the neck (travelling behind the vertical constantly)


Western pleasure in recent years has copped a bad wrap due to the trend that saw our horses labelled with names such as peanut rollers, zombies and creepers. But this is changing and we are now seeing more natural movers back in the winners circle . When watching the class bare in mind, that trends take time to form and time to change. But slowly the class is transforming back into what its supposed to be .




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