Western Show Events Explained: HUNTER UNDER SADDLE

In the previous blog post, we touched on the Ideal Hunter Horse . So this next paragraph may sound familiar. The ideal hunter horse should have a long, low ground covering stride. The movement should be easy, forward and flowing. The horse should look relaxed, obedient , bright and willing. Transitions should be responsive and smooth. The class is judged on performance, conformation and condition. The hunter under saddle class is a rail class with no individual workout.13241140_1209031012450108_4823078188404751731_n


  • Riders enter the ring and find a place on the rail at the walk or trot. {judge will stipulate)
  • you will then be asked to walk, trot , canter, change direction, back and stand. in an order which the announcer will call.
  • At the completion you will be asked to line up and the winner and placings will be announced.


  • You will be marked down for, quick short strides
  • being on the wrong lead or wrong diagonal
  • breaking gait
  • excessive speed at any gait
  • loss of forward movement, or going to slow
  • head carried too high
  • head carried too low
  • over flexing or straining neck (travelling behind the vertical)
  • excessive nosing out
  • failure to make light contact with the mouth
  • stumbling
  • consistently showing too far off the rail


  • head carried too low consistently
  • over flexing or straining neck (travelling behind the vertical) consistently.

NOTE It doesn’t happen very often but you may be asked to hand gallop in this class.

17862381_1521088214577718_6908537203361699431_nCREDIT: Photos  Ace Photography

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