Western Show Events Explained: LUNGELINE

The lungeline class gives us the opportunity to show our yearlings and horses, that aren’t yet shown undersaddle, in a performance setting. The class is intended to show, that the horses have the movement, manner/expression/attitude and conformation to be under saddle.


The class is broken into two parts:

  • Inspection , This takes place before the lunging aspect of the class. Each exhibit enters the ring individually, walks to the judge and presents to the judge for inspection. Once inspection is finished, the exhibit trots off straight, then around a cone and takes a place along the wall inside the ring.
  • Lunging Demonstration, for this the judge will position themselves outside of the lunge circle. A bell will signal the beginning of the timed period which is 90 seconds.  Within this 90 seconds the exhibitors must show their horse at a walk, jog and lope in both directions. The bell will signal the end of the 90 second allocation. Once completed the exhibitor is to return to the wall.


  • You will be disqualified if your horse is lame
  • You blatantly hit your horse to encourage forward
  • Your horse falls
  • Your horse steps over or becomes entangled in the lunge line
  • improper equipment, evidence of abuse or any other violation of  AQHA rules
  • failure to show at all three gaits in both direction
  • Loss of control of the horse


In lungeline you are permitted to show your horse as either, suitable for Western Pleasure or suitable for Hunter under saddle. This means it is totally acceptable to show in western attire or English attire.




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