Western Show Events Explained: HALTER

The Halter class is a class where a horse is to be judged based on conformation.  No horse is perfect, but the AQHA has accepted a look or image as its ideal and this is what the halter horse is judged on. The “ideal” Quarter horse should have the following characteristics.

  • Overall eye appeal12418097_10207946421796869_4199198201079856622_n
  • Attractive head
  • refined throatlatch
  • well proportioned trim neck.
  • long sloping shoulder
  • deep heart girth
  • short back
  • strong loin and coupling
  • long hip and croup
  • well defined and muscular stifle, gaskin, forearm and chest.
  • straight and structurally correct legs and feet, free of defects.
  • uniformly muscled throughout

CLASS PROCEDURE Exhibits are judged individually by walking to the judge , the judge will then move aside and the exhibit is expected to trot straight to a cone which is placed 15 metres away, at the cone the exhibit will continue to trot to the left and and head towards the left wall of the arena. After trotting all exhibits line up head to tail To be inspected individually. The judge will then inspect all horses from both sides front and rear.

DISQUALIFICATIONS Obvious Lameness , Parrot mouth , and cryptorchid conditions (2years or older)canstockphoto15740182.jpg


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