5 Lies Pet Shampoo Marketing teams might be telling you…

Amanda Justice_Sarah Ebbett_015In a world filled with the tough sell and an abundance of products to choose from, its very tempting for marketing teams to grab onto half truths and one liners and run them into the ground to get the sale. Here’s five untruths they may be peddling.

img_42551. It’s PH balanced…. what does that even mean.. PH balanced is a term that has been borrowed from human hair shampoo and conditioner. Generally in human hair the term is PH balanced is used when the manufacturer is referring to the system of cleansing and conditioning. Human shampoo is usually a ph of between 5-7 . This more alkaline ph is better for cleansing and removing grime. A conditioner is more acidic. Sometimes with a ph as low as 3.5. But it’s actually better for the hair cuticle as it’s smoothes, seals and strengthens. Having a “ph balanced” Shampoo may mean the shampoo is neither effective at cleansing nor conditioning because it’s very close to neutral.

0289237F-2A67-495E-988C-5F92CBE6BBD32. It’s expensive because it’s better… this is not necessarily the case, you may be paying a premium price for a imported product full of low cost ingredients, because of a fancy label and clever marketing scheme. Some products are no better than the bargain basement human Shampoo. Do your homework on the products your buying and spend wisely.

3. The closer to PH Nuetral the better… as we briefly touched on the subject above. Much has been touted about PH and how neutral is better. Alkaline substances can be much harsher on the hair than acidic. In fact it has been proven that mildly acidic shampoos heal bacterial and yeast infections.

4.  It Contains Natural ingredients… this one may very well be true… but.. when most pet shampoos lack a hierarchical ingredient list it’s very difficult to determine what is in the shampoo. Purchase products with the ingredients listed.

Amanda Justice_Sarah Ebbett_041

5. Your shampoo is making your pet itchy. Sometimes it may be a shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate and heavy detergents causing irritations. But most of the time the cause is systemic or a food allergy.

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