Nothing but love for Chevy: A story of Triumph over Adversity

photography: Stuart McCormick

Whilst the rivalry preceding the Miracle Mile between The great Lazarus and LennytheShark is building, back at the Lance Justice Harness Racing Stables, nothing but love and admiration is being shown for one of the stable favourites Love ina Chevy.

14915564_10209334883586799_2031824188111235470_nFriday night saw Love ina Chevy win again, which left his connections and followers in awe of this brave horse. If you do know Chevy and have heard his story you’ll know how everytime he steps foot on the racetrack it’s a blessing. 

Two years ago he was near death and had little hope of survival. A victim of a suspected snake bite, Chevy was immobile for days. Lance justice and his team used manpower and machinery to ensure fluid would drain from his lungs while he was unable to stand. He was cushioned by blow up mattresses and wounds and bedsores cleansed constantly. The round the clock care was shared to facebook, where interest in Chevy’s plight grew. He had hundreds of people following the story sending well wishes and hoping he’d pull through. For three nights the care continued. Thunderstorms came and went and makeshift tents were erected to shelter the gelding. Remarkably the son of Jeremes Jet pulled through, survival was welcomed with elation by the team. No one expected that he would race again let alone in just 9 months. 14947843_10209334889426945_6593953694094624309_n

Chevy’s third start back, showing such great fight he was back in the winners circle. Since his return to racing he has won 7 races and just keeps getting stronger. Lance Justice is taking every race as it comes and is happy to have the horse around the stables. We are excited to see what the future brings for this amazing little horse.

Click here to watch Love ina Chevys story


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