Perth interdom 2017: that’s a wrap. 

Tonight we will see the final of the 2017 Interdominion Pacing Championships run and won at Gloucester Park. The series is the final night of a three year stint that the Interdominion has been held in Western Australia. It’s shaping up to be a battle of talented pacers including Tiger Tara, Lazarus, Soho Tribeca , Lenny the Shark, Chicago Bull and more. Who will be victorious?, well that’s in the hands of fate now.


Interdom favourite “Lazarus” photography by Ashlea Brennan Photography  

Now that all is said and done the Interdominion series will be leaving Western Australia and heading east to Victoria. On the back of 3 very successful interdoms held in its birthplace, it’s time to ask the question, what can we learn from the success of Perth interdoms.

The key to a great series, in my opinion and the opinion of many others is keeping tradition. The original format of the Interdominion championships as we all know, was 3 heat nights and a final run over a space of 2 weeks. With the first week consisting of a sprint , middle distance and long distance leg . Then the final on the following week. The traditional format was successful for over 70 years and sculpted truly tough final fields. NSW broke tradition adopting a different format which caused slight controversy.  There are certainly times where it’s imperative that society adapts change and moves with the times, but the traditional interdominion has long been a true testament to our beloved Standardbreds . It showcases the strength and stamina that our horses encompass. And ultimately the format leaves us with the strongest final contenders. 

Interdominion 2017 final field

Aces tips 1,2,4


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