5 photos that prove Harness racing horses have more exciting lives than me … 

Photography by Ashlea Brennan

Lenny the Shark enjoying the beach in WA. He should be a poster boy for WA tourism because this photo makes the destination look like the place to be.


Photo courtesy of Lance Justice

Another beach another champion, this time it’s Smoken Up on a beach abroad. A leisurely stroll on the New Zealand Coast. Another day in the life of an international traveller.


Adored and idolised by thousands. This photo shows Lazarus winning the 2017 New Zealand Trotting cup in front of a huge crowd. Form a line for autographs please..



Specialised fitness regimes with dedicated personal trainers monitoring their every move. The envy of every #fitspo #instafit #gymgoals Instagram user.



Work for no more than an hour a day then hang out with friends, a roster us mere humans could only dream of. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

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