Top 5 must have EQUINE PRODUCTS

We have collated 5 of the most anticipated and popular horse products that you need to check out ..

PRYDES EASIRESULT: we love this oat free feed , and so do our horses . It’s non heating and scientifically formulated, easy to digest and gets them looking amazing . by infinervet: This brand new product, may be the answer to sand colic that we’ve all been looking for . A tasty treat for the horses,  whilst supporting digestive health and evacuating sand from the system . Find them on fb.


BOOST Massage Shampoo: mystery surrounds this new product, but we can shed some light for you . This is the pre work/post work, pre race/ post race, freshen up, invigorating wash that you’re going to want in your stable . Made with all natural products in Australia, more details will be released soon . *sponsored

SALKAVITE by Ranvet: The essential electrolyte and b group vitamin replacer. It’s a must have with our intense summers .

KELATO COOLWRAP: These reusable bandages are super convenient for insect bites , Inflammation and pain .


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