Balancing BEAUTY, BRILLIANCE and BENEVOLENCE: With Blayze Williams

One of life’s biggest challenges as a horse owner, is finding the ever elusive work/life/hobby balance. Finding time for everything when there are so many pressures and responsibilities, can be overwhelming, but most of us do manage . There are some extraordinary people in the world that manage to find time for all of it, and more.  We sat down with AQHA Leading Amateur Owner of South Australia Blayze Williams to talk about her show career, other interests and her passion to seek justice.


BRILLIANCE, To be brilliant by definition is to shine and Blayze certainly has the ability to make her horses shine in the show ring , no one more so than her beloved “Big Jack” J Bar C Awesome Pawesome. This year he was awarded AQHA Overall Performance horse of Australia. An amazing achievement in itself but this is not his first major title . “Big Jack” has been named AQHA Overall performance horse of Australia 3 years running. “He has made me work for it, he’s not the easiest horse to get around the pen.” she admits, then went on to say “That’s what gives the win more meaning.”  Blayze is no stranger to the winners circle , having equally great success with horses such as Lynlins AcesHotandPretty , GK Little Skip Jack , YLS Cool Seekin Rhythm and Southern Colonel.  The accomplishments in Blayze’s career to this point have secured great sponsoring partnerships with companies such as Champions Tails , Hell 4 Leather and Tuff Rock.

, Aside to her show career Blayze has a keen interest in tattoos and art. Getting inked started out sentimental, some tattoos hold a special place and others are  just aesthetically amazing. These spectacular tattoos sparked Blayze’s interest in Inked modelling and competitions. With having participated in many competitions to date with great results, including recently winning the title of Miss Angel of darkness, most photogenic and best grey scale tattoo.  Its clear that her winning edge isn’t just confined to the horse world. This opportunity has also given her the opportunity to be on the other side of the podium. “Being able to judge was a real honour, but I was itching to get up on stage” Blayze commented after judging “The Little Black Dress” Held at The Duke.

Benevolence. Even with all the success that Blayze has had she never loses that compassion and drive to seek justice for others. An empathetic soul who is always there to help. None more so evident than in her endorsement and support to bring in a minimum mandatory sentencing for domestic violence offenders. This comes after her close friends daughter, was involved in a terrible domestic violence situation which saw the offender walk away virtually scott free. This injustice has driven Blayze to be a spokesperson and action change. For more info on this and to sign the petition please contact Blayze and follow her on Instagram. @blayzewilliams


Balance: “I’m flat out all the time, and I take on everything possible.” Blayze admitted. But finding balance for her comes from taking on responsibilities she feels passionate about. Wether it be, the calmness of finally being up on the horse doing what she loves, laughing and enjoying her friends, spending her down time with her partner Kahmen and family or the joy and relief that rewards her when a goal is achieved. It seems that all the busyness is a self rewarding cycle of balance.

Credit: Photos Blayze Williams , Mel Gauld, Angelo Beltran

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