Purple Shampoo: What’s the Glo?

Purple Shampoo is the essential shampoo for every Grey/white/silver horse owner. It’s that magic potion which seems to make our greys and whites glow. But do you know how it works? What is the science behind the magic? Below we have some answers for you…canstockphoto9505575.jpg

EVERYTHING IS BETTER IN PURPLE Not only is purple one of the most beautiful, calming colours on the colour wheel, it’s also the ingredient which takes a regular shampoo and transforms it, into the magical potion that white horse owners rely on, for the brightest white horse at the show.

IMG_3019THE COLOUR WHEEL holds the secret to success. The colour violet is directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel. The ingredient which makes every purple shampoo effective, is the colour Violet, this neutralises the yellow hair tone. Some also have the colour Blue added to neutralise other tones which discolour our white horses and give them a yellow dull appearance.

HOW TO GET THE BRIGHTEST WHITE. The biggest misconception with washing a white horse is that purple shampoo is all you need. If you’re one of the few blessed horse owners, who have the “white unicorn”, (the horse who doesn’t like dirt), then a quick wash with a good quality purple shampoo and conditioner will more than likely do the trick. If you’re like the rest of us poor souls, then you know, that Nelly will find that one piece of manure that you left in the stall and use it as a pillow. With the removal of stains you will likely need more than just purple shampoo . We recommend a stain remover containing bicarb, then shampoo with purple shampoo and conditioner. There are many great stain remover products on the market.

KEEPING WHITES BRIGHT can be a tough task but if you follow a consistent shampooing regime , it can be a little easier. Wash once a week and never skip conditioning. This is crucial for white horses because conditioning  will close the hair cuticle and prevent future tough stains.

Good luck and keep glowing ..


Credit: images canstock

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