5 Tips for the Thickest Tail

A thick, healthy, full tail is what every horse owner desires. Unfortunately, like us humans, horses and their mane and tail hair succumb to natural adversities, causing breakage, fading and low growth rates. Below are 5 tips to help fight the breakage and achieve the thickest, longest tail at the competition.

START FROM THE INSIDE OUT …  A healthy mane, tail and coat comes from within. A healthy horse is a must, to achieve a great result. Ensure your horse is free of parasites, has access to clean, fresh water and all nutritional needs are met. Supplements that contain methionine and biotin are recommended for coat and hoof health.

WASH ONCE A WEEK… for more than one reason. Firstly washing with a good quality shampoo once a week will remove a lot of the dirt and grime deposited on each hair shaft. H20 matters , all hair needs moisture to be healthy and prevent breakage . Clean that dock .. more info on this in tip 3…

STIMULATE THOSE FOLLICLES…  massage and cleanse the dock of your horses tail. Doing this is a crucial step in allowing new hair growth to enter the outside world without sebum dirt and grime getting in the way.

CONDITION… ahh conditioning , the one step that we are all guilty of skipping when it comes to our horses. But its a crucial step in hair care, human and animal alike. Conditioning is so important, because conditioners have a lower PH than shampoos and this closes the hair cuticle and gives hair that smooth, strong, shine we all desire.

SEAL IN MOISTURE… Lock in the drink of water that you just gave your horses tail, with an oil. Steer clear of mineral oils and go for an oil with high polar abilities such as Coconut oil or Castor oil.  These unique oils seal the moisture in but they also penetrate the cuticle. Mineral oils may look great and remove tangles but in the long run they dry out hair and cause breakage and loss.

We hope this information helps you achieve the mane and tail you desire, Happy Tails.

Credit: images, Sarah Ebbett Photograghy

Amanda Justice_Sarah Ebbett_041

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